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Summer Garden

Bethany Linz Summer Garden colours.jpg

 Aqua                       Blush                     Charcoal               Navy                     Beige

This design is inspired by an Indian summer garden at dusk, when the flowers are at the strongest scent, all the insects are buzzing around the flowers just before they pack up and head home for the night.  

To me this is usually the most beautiful time in any garden. A perfect time for a Gin and Tonic!  

Summer Garden insitu.jpg


TRELLIS SHOT bethany linz.jpg
Bethany Linz Trellis colours.jpg

Aqua                    Ivory               Pink                   Charcoal        Navy                 Beige

Where ells to look for a good geometric pattern then within the garden 

itself. A trellis is the backbone to many gardens around the world, they hold up some of the most beautiful of all plants, wisteria and sweet peas being some of my favourites. 


Calcutta insitu charcoal.jpg
Calcutters colours.jpg

Aqua                               Blush                            Charcoal                      Beige

Named after the Indian city that's most known for its woodblock printed textiles.  

I wanted to keep this floral design as raw as my original artwork, doing this its more in keeping to the handmade aesthetic that I love about India.  


Victoria insitu.jpg
Bethany Linz Victoria colours.jpg

Mint                        Pink                      Charcoal               Navy                       Ivory

Victoria was designed with the Victoria era front of mind. An era that exploded with culture and innovations.  

Florals inspired by oriental cultures adorned palaces and manners house walls all over the UK. 

Victoria is hand painted design of Rhododendron trees with birds enjoying their nectar.  

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