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Animal Kingdom Bethany Linz.jpg

Animal Kingdom in colour ways Cream, Seaspray and Charcoal.

Bethany Linz Cushions, Animal

Animal Kingdom is a playful hand painted collage of a tropical paradise for animals.

Consisting of bird of paradise, palm trees, monkeys, leopards, alligators, zebras and birds.

This design is fun and suits boys and girls of all ages.


Noah's ABC STACK Bethany Linz.jpg
ABC colour ways.jpg

Noah's ABC in colour ways Ebony, Seaspray and Cream

Bethany Linz cushions, Noah's ABC.jpg

This Design is ideal for children, kids love to point out all the different animals and learn their names. All 26 illustrations were originally hand painted and inspired by Bethany’s son Noah’s favourite animals.


Sophies Garden Fabric shoot Bethany Linz
Sophie's Garden colour way.jpg

Sophie's Garden in colour ways Charcoal, Seaspray and Cream

Sophies garden wallpaper, Bethany Linz.j
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Sophie's Garden was inspired by Bethany’s own garden and Sophie her 2 year old niece who loves spotting all the butterflies and bees that make it their home.

Sophie’s Garden is all originally hand painted, cut out then put back together creating layers within the flowers, this gives the flowers a naive and three dimensional look.


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Candy Stripe Colour way.jpg

Candy Stripe colours, Pink, Seaspray, Green and Charcoal

This stripe is the perfect scale for any room, its also a beautiful stripe that will compliment other designs.


Palm Trees.jpg
Palm design colours.jpg

Monkey Palms colour ways Charcoal, Seaspray and Cream

This originally hand painted design consists of cheeky monkeys playfully swinging and running amongst tropical palm trees.


Hydrangea shot BETHANY LINZ.jpg
Hydrangea Navy.jpg

Hydrangea in colour ways Burgundy, Navy, Blue and Green

Bethany Linz cushions, Hydrangea.jpg
hydrangea wallpaper.jpg

The Hydrangea design was all individually hand painted and the flowers cut out to create a layered effect.

This design is both classic and modern making it timeless and suitable for all ages.

To see through a child’s eyes, that’s the inspiration for Bethany Linz’s new collection called Young At Heart. Bethany has made a name for herself in the world of fine arts and textiles. But with the birth of her son, she set a new challenge for herself.

As she found herself exposed to a child’s world, she was inundated with the bright colours and bold patterns of kids toys, clothes and books. She noticed the things that would grab her son Noah’s and her niece Sophie’s attention. So she set out to create a collection that kids would love and adults would appreciate. She also challenged herself with interesting artistic techniques.

Bethany is known for her beautifully hand-painted art. In the digital age, this human touch is appreciated more than ever. But she added another element. After hand-painting each element, she cut them out and created a collage. This created a visually stimulating 3 dimensional overlapping effect.

This collection of wallpaper and textiles are sold through Milton & King, for any further information regarding samples and orders please contact them at