Wallpaper, French Scarf colour Coral, chair by Eva Fly

Floor cushion in French Scrf colour French Blue

Clockwise from top, Paisley, Pomegranate, Zig Zag & Zig Zag

Clockwise from top, Large floor cushion in French Scrf, Zig Zag throuw, Pomegranate cushiom, Zig Zag cusion and Star floral cushion.

Fabric from left, Paisley, Zig Zag & French Scarf

Wallpaper Zig Zag, Throws French Scarf, Zig Zag and Star Floral in background

Wallpaper Pomegranate colour Charcoal

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Wallpaper Star Floral, Cushion from left, Zig Zag, French Scarf, Zig Zag & Zig Zag throw