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stone palms photo bethany linz.jpg
Fan Palm colours.jpg

Oriental Palm colours, Charcoal, Stone Seaspray & Beige

This design was all hand painted to create a washed out/aged effect within the leaves, then overlapping a stone wall texture. Bethany wanted to create a wallpaper that looked like a hand painted mural that has aged over time.

paisley Bethany Linz.jpg


Paisley shoot and colour ways.jpg

Paisley colours Charcoal, Stone, Beige, Seaspray & Chartreuse 

This design was inspired by ancient Indian woodblocks that were all hand carved.

Bethany hand painted this design to create that old tactile effect, then to create an even more rustic look layered it over a stone textured background.

This design looks beautiful in any style of interior, whether it be classic or modern.


Travelers palm Bethany Linz.jpg
travelers palm colours.jpg

Travelers Palm colours Charcoal, Stone, Beige & Chartreuse 

This design was created with an old rustic Caribbean beach house in mind,  Bethany wanted to create a design that can be both modern and classic with its tropical/rustic aesthetic.


Orchid shoot Bethany Linz.jpg
Orchid colours.jpg

Orchid colours Stone & Beige

Orchid design is of beautiful hand painted cascading orchids layered over a textured background.

This design looks like an aged painted mural with the flowers fading in and out of the design.

With Butterflies flying through the flowers, it makes you feel like you have stepped back in time to an ancient garden.


Herringbone shoot Beige.jpg
herringbone colours.jpg

Herringbone colours Charcoal, Stone, Beige, Seaspray and Chartreuse 

Herringbone is a textured design that’s perfect for any room within the house, especially if you are looking for a more textured look rather than pattern.

This timeless design will suit all interior styles.

Have you ever appreciated the charm of a mural that is decades old? Somehow it grows more beautiful as it ages, as the paint fades and as the canvas stone wears. This aesthetic was the goal of Bethany Linz. She captured every brushstroke as if it were painted right on your wall. She then created an aged effect by creating an overlay of a stone wall. She spent countless hours photographing the right canvas and trialling them with her artwork until she found the right balance. And so we present her latest collection, Aged With Grace.


This collection is only available through  Milton and King so for any questions regarding samples and orders please contact them at