Orchid Border wallapaer design in situ

Orchid Boder design one repeat width only

Orchid all over design in situ

Orchid all over design one repeat

Hydrangea all over design in situ 

Hydrangea all over design one repeat

Hydrangea border design in situ

Hydrangea border design one repeat

Garden Tiles design in situ

Garden Tiles design one repeat

The Great Shalimar

This video shows the Hydrangea Border wallpaper in the special metallic substrate, one of many substrates available through Emily Ziz.

This wallpaper is beautifully textured with an antique gold lustre that subtly glows. Printed in England, this digitally printed wallpaper captures Bethany's brushstrokes like as if she has painted straight onto the wallpaper itself.

Hydrangea Border on Metallic Gold Substrate

Garden Tiles on Metallic Gold Substrate

Orchid Border on Metallic Gold Substrate

The Great Shalimar on the Metallic Gold Substrate

The Secret Garden is a collection of wallpaper that captures the elegance of a beautiful garden.

With this collection you can bring the beauty of nature from outside into your home and be surrounded by it all year round.

This collection of wallpaper consists of 6 designs and are available in multiple colour ways including an antique looking gold metalic.

To view all the colour ways click here

For details on price and samples please contact

Bethany Linz

Phone: 0403887072


Emily Ziz showroom

Ph:02 9380 4180