At the dog Park

With this collection I found inspiration not from exotic countries afar,  but simply in my own neighbourhood.

Our house in Sydney is just up the road from Sydney harbour, where bike riders, joggers and dogs play in a beautiful Victorian style park. 

There are palm and fig tress that create shade for the many people spending their weekends having a picnic and playing cricket.

The most exciting part of the park though are the dogs, they come in all sizes, colours, shapes and personalities. I really enjoyed creating this collections around them.

At the dog Park

This design sums up my local park to a t. Kids on bikes, people walking their dogs, dogs checking each other out and chasing balls, Ibis birds, called bin chickens here, they love to go through the park bins! and to top it off beautiful Victorian palms.

This large scale design when I look at it, makes me feel relaxed and happy, like I'm on holiday.

I'm very lucky to have its inspiration just down the road.


Everyone loves a check, they have stood the test of time and will be around for decades to come, so naturally I wanted to create my own version.

I started with hand painting some stripes ,then making them transparent I overlayered them to create a painterly, textured and dimensional check.

I think the colours and scale are very versatile. 


This design is solely dedicated to all the dog characters down at the park. 

The energetic chasing balls, the social sniffing each other, the not so social, the glamourous poodles that had just come from the groomers in all shades of colours, yes some even rainbow! 

The not so glamorous who had spent the afternoon in the harbour swimming, the old and the playful puppies.  

I hand painted these characters like I do with all my designs with Gouache, I then hand cut them out and stuck them down like a collage creating the pattern you see.   

Star Stripe

I wanted to create a soft painterly stripe that was gentle on the eye but had a little personality.

After painting the soft stripes I thought painting twinkling stars running up the stripes would be the perfect amount of personality.

I love the result of this stripe and think it ties the whole collection together. 

Paper Dolls

Paper Dolls came about when my three year old Noah wanted to draw some people and cut them out, we started creating different outfits for them and styling them in various hats, dresses, pants, tops and shoes. 

We had lots of fun for days creating these little characters, that's was when a had the idea to create the wallpaper version which is fun for boys and girls alike.

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Bethany Linz