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Indian Summer Mural

This mural is inspired by those misty, hot, tropical Indian Summers.

The animals are out to play, and the plants are at their peak. Insects fly around the landscape creating that hot summer afternoon ambiance, making you feel like you are on holidays.

This mural consists of fresh colour ways to suite any interior, as well as an aged version that makes you feel like you have stepped into an old Indian palace

Shadow Palms

I wanted to create a mural where all the colour and details from the trees were stripped away, leaving just a simple shadow. Allowing the aged texture overlapping the silhouette to be the focus.

I wanted the mood to be like the first light of day, just as the sun rises with its soft light, touching all the landscape with its warm rays.


I love the end result, its striking yet soft on the eye, it can be a feature or blend beautifully into any interior, its modern and yet timeless. 

Kerala Palms

I created this design to really showcase the palm trees in the British India mural, who doesn't love a palm!

It also consists of birds and beautiful orchids cascading from the trees. This wallpaper is tropical and timeless. 

Indian Subcontinent Mural

I have always loved old 1700s landscape art. The artist had a way of making the new lands look romantic and appealing to attract new pioneers from faraway lands. 

This landscape is indicative of the old etchings of the Georgian & Victorian era. Etching is traditionally the process of using strong acid to cut into the unprotected parts of a metal surface to create a design in the metal. This design usually consists of many fine lines that create the image. 

This mural is a perfect example of these fine lines and romanticised landscapes, consisting of beautiful palms, botanicals and foraging exotic birds, rolling hills and wind-swept clouds

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Bethany Linz