The Garden Collection


Iris is an all over version of The Iris Garden Mural, it’s a large scale Floral that Makes you feel as though you stepped right into a beautiful European Garden. Look close and you will find little insects buzzing around.

Iris Garden Mural

Iris Garden was a design that I have had in my head brewing for a while now. Inspired by my favourite place in Melbourne, The Royal Botanical Gardens where I go not just for inspiration but to free my mind and relax. 

The layout of this mural was inspired by Japanese screens, they quite often created a Garden spready across all four screens.  

Tuscan Lanscape Mural

is a Mural inspired by Italy’s beautiful landscapes of rolling hills, sculptural trees and church domes appearing in faraway villages nestled into the hills.  

Fresco Stripe

Fresco Stripe is in keeping with the Fresco murals texture. I wanted to create a bold stripe that looks hand painted onto the plaster wall, a stripe that has slightly faded in areas over time. 

Fresco Mural

Fresco Mural was inspired by Italian frescos that decorated walls of houses and courtyards, creating illusions of three dimensional patterns that would otherwise cost the owners a small fortune. 

I have hand painted this mural to give it the real fresco feel and layered over a lime wash effect to create that authentic plaster look. 

The pattern itself I wanted to keep more of a timeless feel, I did this by keeping it simple with geometric patterns, sorry no cupids in this one! 

Garden Tiles

Garden Tiles is a geometric design inspired by courtyards from around Europe, I wanted to create this design with a bit of wear and tear from being exposed to the environment and people continuously walking over them. 

Orchid Gardens

was inspired by another plant from my own Courtyard. I have a beautiful yellow Cymbidium Orchid that’s flower is so striking I had to paint them. 

I also love the Orchids long leaves, they created an instant organic flow to the design.  

The Great Shalimar

was named after The Crystal Palace – that was nicknamed “The Great Shalimar”. Designed to house The Great Exhibition during the Victorian age to celebrate the world’s most exciting inventions. 

It took the form of a massive greenhouse, about 563 metres long, there were trees planted all around, showing man’s triumph over nature and it was considered an architectural marvel.  

The great Shalimar design consists of lushes tropical banana leaves scrolling up the wall with golden bananas ripening amongst them. 

Hydrangea Garden

Hydrangea Garden is a design inspired by my own Garden/courtyard in Sydney. My Hydrangeas are cuttings from my grandfather and I love them so very much! 

with this design (and all my florals for that matter), I wanted to bring the outside indoors.  Having nature surrounding you at all times, creates a more calming and beautiful environment. 

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Bethany Linz